A Golf Career

Have you thought about a career in golf? Want to know how can you turn your passion for golf into a very successful business career? Wonder if you have what it takes to be a Tiger Woods? Well, your dreams could come true if you decide to get a PGM degree.

What is a PGM degree? Well, the PGA has implemented a new golf program called the Professional Golf Management program (PGA/PGM™), which is a 4 -to-5 year college curriculum for aspiring PGA Professionals. Students will have a broad spectrum of courses combining the challenge of business courses with the excitement of golf. Courses can include: management accounting in golf operations, turf management, human resources management, food and beverage operations, club creation and repair, golf marketing, and many, many other tools of the trade.

Each university or college has specific entrance requirements and a certified golf handicap of 12 or less and each student must also pass a PAT (playing ability test) in order to become a PGA member and is a requirement for the course.

Of course, it’s not all work and no play. Universities will require that you complete an internship of at least 16 months at an approved golf facility (included in the 5 year completion timetable)

Going to a PGA accredited university and receiving a degree will automatically qualify you for PGA membership upon completion. You can also receive this degree through work experience, an ability test, and other seminars and self led study.

There are numerous universities in the United States and Canada that are PGA accredited throughout the United States. These university programs have one goal in mind - to help you become the best of the best in all things to do with golf.

But of course, being a Tiger Williams is not the only thing that golf pro can do. The golf industry is huge, and there is a huge assortment of jobs that this type of degree opens. So if you love golf, but the Majors aren’t really in the books for you, you can still get a dream job in the golf industry

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Fairway Girl Putting Chimes

Fairway Girl Putting Chimes

OK, I haven't even got these Girls Putting Chimes yet, but I have ordered them and I can hardly wait. What a great idea! Girl Putting Chimes (they are pink, and you KNOW that Paula Creamer isn't the only one who likes pink around my house) Anyway they are 30 aluminum chimes suspended from a wooden base, and the girls putt at the chimes from any direction. When they hit the chimes, the chimes give off a, hopefully, lovely sound. That sound has to be better than the sound that a golf ball sounds as it goes through your window (last week) and the wall,(where it stayed for about a week, until Dad got home, and he thought it was hilarious. I give up) Anyway, it comes with three pink Fairway Girl golf balls packaged in an embroidered drawstring bag. I will let you know what I think of them when I get the package.

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Play Your Best Golf With Your Own Swing!

Last month I bought a book called Golf Rascals ABC's of Golf and it was really interesting. I used this book and was able to shave 8 strokes off my game!! I was pretty impressed, I have to tell you. I wasn't too worried about buying it as it has a full guarantee. I have been using it with my older daughter too. Maybe if it works out, I'll try it on the little one. I figure you can't start too soon, and lets be honest, if you don't know what you are doing, or at least, if you don't want to improve, you certainly shouldn't be coaching anybody else! It doesn’t focus on improving your swing—it helps improve your SCORE—by 7-10 strokes. I really liked this book and it was one of those instant download eBooks (no waiting) and it was written for beginners and social golfers just like you and me - no hype, no empty promises, and no b.s. - Just the simplest rules that can be followed by anyone to cut strokes, lower handicaps, and KEEP OUR OWN SWING, GRIP, and STYLE! This book is for a beginning, social or junior golfer, not a Tiger Woods