Tips for Golf Lessons

Tips for Golf Lessons

Golf lessons may be either formal or informal. The formal sessions of course would be given by someone with an outstanding ability to play golf and have the gift of being able to teach. Informal instruction, on the other hand, may be given by just about anyone that can hold a club or something as simple as reading a book.

Prior to taking on a golfing instructor or instructions of any type, today's golfer must determine what level of play he or she wants to develop the game to. In making this determination the 'duffer' should also determine the depth of his or her wallet. Budget restraints will determine how far you may be able to develop your game.

If the budget is a major consideration, today's golfer does not have to break the bank while learning to play. The new rookie player should check out a book from the local library on the rules of golf. However, as you will not learn the rules overnight, it will behoove you to purchase your own book. You do not have to spend top dollar acquiring a copy. You can purchase a used copy on line from E-bay or Amazon.com.

If you have difficulty visualizing the instruction from the book a more expedite way of learning would be from instructions on a compact disk or digital video disk. These disks will provide the written text as well as a video demonstration of the strokes you are attempting to learn. The great advantage of this method of learning is that you can repeat the demonstration over and over until you could do it in your sleep.

The disadvantage of course is that you cannot take the video disk to the playing course with you.

However, once you have learned the basics and rules of the game, you can take your level of play, to the next step by playing and observing other players. It is important to play with someone who is qualified and competent to teach you. Otherwise you will find yourself learning all the bad habits as well as the good habits of your teacher.

Golf lessons will increase the fun of playing the game and shorten the learning curve.


Choosing a Golf Resort

Choosing a Golf Resort

If you have your heart set on a golfing vacation, then you will want to book accommodations at a golf resort. Finding resorts that will be ideal for you are not that difficult to locate. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal place to spend your golfing holiday.

Word of mouth is always a good way to find resorts of interest. Ask some of your golfing buddies about places they have stayed before. You can get first hand opinions on the type of course you will find at a particular lodge or resort, some ideas on the amenities that you can expect, and other small points that you may or may not find in a travel brochure. Check with the people you know and get their recommendations first and you will have an excellent starting place in your quest to book the right accommodations.

Next, get online and look up the places your friends have recommended. Check to see how the activities are conducted, if you have a golf pro on hand who can help with trouble spots in your game, and what type of other activities might be available for loved ones who want to do something other than play golf. Remember the idea is for everyone who is going on the trip to have a good time. You want the resort to be ideal for your plans, but it is equally important that your fellow travelers enjoy themselves as well.

As you peruse the Internet, you may come across more recommendations at state and national golfing association web sites. If one catches your eye, by all means investigate the resort. You may come up with something brand new that will be perfect for you and your family.

Booking accommodations at the right lodge just takes some attention to detail and verifying what they facility has to offer. Once you are sure that a particular golf resort has what you want, then book your stay and settle in to have the time of your life.


Advantages of Playing Indoor Golf

Advantages of Playing Indoor Golf

There is no doubt that indoor golf can be a very intense game. Of course, it also can be a lot of fun and actually has some advantages that you may not have considered. Here are a couple of examples of how playing a round of golf indoors has its own unique advantages.

The first perk to keep in mind is that you do not have to be concerned about the weather. Unlike traditional golf, you are completely free of such worries as wind, sudden rain or any of the other problems that could interfere or even call off a game. Because you are indoors, your have complete control of the climate; it can be as warm or as cool as the players want it to be. Because of this complete control of the playing environment, golf that is set up for indoor play can be enjoyed year round, without any concern for the weather conditions outside.

Another plus for this form of golf is that you can enjoy the activity with the entire family.The very nature of this form of golf lends itself well even to the younger children in your household. With its scaled down set of holes, the kids get to enjoy the game, even beginning to pick up the basics of golfing in general. These fun times can be the springboard for playing traditional golf in later years. But for now, it is a great way to spend some time with the family, doing something that is fun and gives everyone a little exercise.

Much more can be said about the casual atmosphere, the fact that there is usually a snack bar within easy walking distance of every hole, and that you can play as many or as few holes as you want are some other perks to think about. All in all, you will find that indoor golf is a great way to enjoy a weekend afternoon with friends or with family.


Chose the Golf Bag for You

Chose the Golf Bag for You

When buying a golf bag a player must be certain what purpose they want the bag to fill. There are three common types; the carry bag, the stand bag and the pencil bag. Each one serves a particular purpose. The most common bag is the stand bag. This bag is usually the same size as the carry bag but it is designed with a small stand so that the bag can be rest on the ground at a standing angle. It has two small legs that sit inside the bag until you need them. Then they pop out and support the bag. This prevents the bag from getting dirty by being thrown on the ground while the player is up for their turn. It is also more convenient for the player to access their clubs when using this bag. When determining if the stand bag is a good one test to see how well it stays in place. If it falls over at the slightest breeze it will be useless to you.

The carry bag is the more common bag seen used by golfers. These bags have come a long way over the years. They now can weigh as little as less than four pounds. They have been redesigned and are frequently not the over the shoulder bags they once were. It is just as common to see them with two straps so that they hang over both shoulders, more like a common backpack, and thus distribute the weight more evenly.

The pencil bag, sometimes referred to as the Sunday bag, is even easier to carry around than the carry bag. They are narrower, though can still hold at least a dozen clubs, and weigh less. Being of a narrower design they are easier to throw from your car into your locker. Depending on the type you choose and the brand name that appeals to you, you can expect to pay from forty to three hundred dollars for your golf bag.

Golf Swing Fundamentals

Golf is definitely a game where an individual's d iscipline, determination, and heart can be measured. While others tend to see the game, when watching golf being played, as completely boring, this sport can truly reel you in. You just need to get ahead with your golf swing.

While the basics are the same for everyone, the differences in body types and mentalities bring forth a multitude of differences in the game that can cause confusion for most beginners. As such, one must adapt to his/her body in learning how to perform the perfect golf swing. While the perfect golf swing is there, it is elusive as it is different for every individual. Practice and knowledge are the keys to success in golf, and muscle memory is what you are trying to ingrain into yourself. Once you have the proper golf swing in your system, confidence in your game and calmness of mind shall follow.

Basic Principles

One of the most fundamental principles that can be applied for immediate improvement in the golf swing is to keep your head still and eyes on the ball. This is to straighten your spine's alignment and to aim at the ball properly. The spine is the axis that you are to swing with, so you have to keep yourself straight in order to achieve any positive result. Keep your head straight by raising your nose up. Your left shoulder should be under your chin by the time you are to swing. Tucking your head into your chest is not the way to go. The best way is to keep everything straight so that you can hit the ball dead center.

Keeping your head straight and with eyes on the ball will definitely help those who have constant problems with their golf swings. The next step required is to assume the correct position of knees and feet. The feet have to be planted onto the ground and the knees are to be straight while allowing pivoting to occur. Bend a little bit forward at the waist and look right at the ball. Minimize hip rotation to prevent swaying and do not overdo your backswing. This way, your left shoulder should hit your chin upon swinging.

Prevent this by lifting your head a bit until your shoulder doesn't hit your chin anymore. In this position, slowly do your backswing and downswing while staying focused on the ball. A practice swing is best done first before actually hitting the ball. Practice your golf swing by focusing on straightening your head and keeping your eyes on the ball.

Position and balance are the most crucial points of a golf swing, leading to consistency and good power. Another thing that needs to be focused on is relaxation. Being tense can only make one's golf swing worse. By relaxing your muscles, you can maintain your balance and flow with the swing as smoothly as possible. Practice this while maintaining your position. While this can be daunting at first, you can make things easier for yourself by breathing at a relaxed pace while maintaining the position without tensing your muscles.

Hold this position for around 15 seconds before doing your swing during practice. Keep your weight even on both feet and try to not tense yourself. This is a good way to improve your golf swing.


Discovering Resources for Discount Golf Equipment

Discovering Resources for Discount Golf Equipment

Golf can be an expensive game and it isn’t just in the green fees. Buying Discount Golf Equipment is often a wise choice and doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality either. Since a golf player often needs a lot of gear to even get started playing, shopping for a good deal is worth the effort. Not to mention that many golf items need replaced after a time.

By saving money on equipment for golf anywhere you can you will help to make paying those green fees or private club fees a lot more financially acceptable.

There are many discount locations for sports and many of them can even be found online. The discount golf stores are not necessarily providing poor quality with their more convenient pricing. These stores can provide quality and lower prices in a couple ways that benefit the buyer while not hurting the stores pockets and not sacrificing quality either.

As mentioned previously here, selling on the internet is one way these stores sell and this can provide a cost savings to the customer. They often have less overhead when selling from an online store yet they can reach people all over the world and make sales. They can do this without having any corresponding increase in employees too. So you save.

The big sports store chains can buy in bulk offline for those of you who want to purchase in the store. They buy quality golf, baseball, football, and sports equipment in such huge quantities that they get a big break on their cost and pass the savings on to you. They make their money in volume.

There are also warehouse stores that have discounts on overall pricing. They won’t have a pretty store but they will likely have what you want at a steep discount.

There are many options when shopping for discounted sports equipment and theses golf discount stores have discovered and implemented many ways to bring in more business by applying a discount pricing model. It pays to shop around and save on your equipment so do your research.

When you are buying, attempt to keep up with your needs over time so you can watch for the good deals and not rush to get something at a higher price just because you waited too long. Save wherever you can to offset what you can not save anything on. But be sure to look for quality as well as price when you buy any discount golf equipment.


Which Brand of Golf Clubs is Right for You?

Which Brand of Golf Clubs is Right for You?

There are two aspects of golfing that separate a good golfer from a great golfer – how much time and practice he puts into his golf game and the type of golf clubs he chooses to use. Now, before you rush out to your local golf shop to buy a set of Nike clubs so that you can play like Tiger Woods, you have to remember that no matter what clubs you use – you still have to practice if you want to improve your golf game. If only it was so easy as to just choose a set of clubs and play an amazing set of golf.

In order to improve your golf game via a new set of golf clubs, you will need to be prepared to spend a lot of time in your local golf shop trying all of the clubs out. Test out each and every club from each and every brand so that you can get a good feel for which brand is best for you. If you are serious about picking a good set of clubs – don’t even look at the price until you are standing at the register, as the clubs that are right for you may be the lowest or the highest priced clubs in the shop.

After you feel like you have handled every set of clubs imaginable, you should turn your attention specifically to putters. A lot of people have a terrible time with their short game, so be sure that you pick a good putter. Decide which putting style you like best, and then check out the putters of that style. And remember that you are not trying to start a club collection here, so it does not matter if you find a putter from a different brand than the rest of your clubs. The same goes for drivers – pick the golf clubs that feel best instead of trying to complete a set of one particular brand.


Golf Carts

An Introduction to Golf Carts

Golf carts have been around since the 1940s, when they were introduced to allow disabled people to enjoy the golf course easily with their friends. They gradually became popular with other golfers and today have even developed a life of their own with many uses outside of the course.

Golf carts, although usually two seated, are built to carry from one to six people and come in electric or gas varieties. Electric is most popular today – it's more environmentally friendly than the gas variety and is cleaner to run. Electric golf carts run from batteries which can be plugged into the mains to charge.

Gas golf carts may be more suited to the long trek, since a can of gas may be carried to refill if it runs out. However, many areas disapprove of gas powered carts and in some states they are actually banned, so if you're considering one of these it's best to check on that first.

The golf cart has become a well loved and commonly seen vehicle. They're used on farms, on movie sets, in warehouses...in fact pretty much anywhere a small, light vehicle could be of use. However, they are not always road legal.

Some carts have appeared with 4 wheel drive, looking more like an all terrain vehicle. Some have tipping platforms on the back for industrial usage. Many are sold for particular usage, such as those for warehouses and come under the category of “utility golf cart”.

Trade in refurbished and pre-owned golf carts is big business. Many local dealers will be able to offer a good quality cart for around half the price of a new one. Refurbished carts will be slightly more expensive, will have had the electrics and engine checked over and may have reupholstered seating. A pre-owned one should be bought with the same type of care as buying a new car. Also, like a car, golf carts need regular maintenance and immediate attention should be paid to anything that seems “wrong”.

Fun and varied as they are, first and foremost golf carts are a motorized vehicle and should be driven with the same care and attention as any other.


Finding Quality PGA Golf Accessories

Finding Quality PGA Golf Accessories

If you have a friend who loves the PGA, then a wonderful gift would be something from the world of PGA golf accessories. Here are some tips on where you can find a variety of different PGA related items that would be sure to delight your friend.

There is a very good chance that your local sporting goods store carries a line of items with the official PGA logo. You can choose from such small accessories as golf tees and ball markers, or move along to higher priced items like golf shirts and head covers for the golf clubs. The advantage of buying the accessories from a retail outlet like sporting goods store is that you know the PGA for sale in fact approves the accessories. A true fan will want the real deal, not a knockoff. Shopping at a reputable retail outlet ensures you are getting authentic items.

You also can visit the PGA store online as well. Here you will find the same range of accessories associated with the PGA. However, keep in mind that you will pay top dollar at the site. Three are rarely discounts available, as you would have with your local sporting goods store. Still, if you are having trouble finding what you want locally, the official online store could be your best bet.

One other option is to check online auction sites. You can often find PGA memorabilia offered in several auctions. Make sure that you check the description of the auction to ensure you are getting authentic PGA items. It is also a good idea to check the feedback rating of the seller. Positive ratings let you know you are dealing with someone who has integrity and is probably being completely honest about the condition of the items on auction.

PGA fans often delight in receiving gifts of accessories that relate back to their favorite pastime. With a little legwork, you can come up with PGA golf accessories that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite PGA enthusiast.


Tips for Buying Used Gas Golf Carts

Tips for Buying Used Gas Golf Carts

Used gas golf carts are not quite so easy to get hold of as electric carts. This is mainly because many used carts sold by dealers come from golf clubs refreshing their fleet and clubs tend to buy in electric carts.

However, there is still a demand for used gas powered carts. They are more suitable for long, all terrain days out, since the body tends to be more robust and they can be simply refueled from a gas can if they run out. You can't charge an electric cart for several hours in the middle of a field! They are also better for long perids of driving at night, since this would drain an electric vehicle's power.

When buying a used gas golf cart, if it has been refurbished, then it has had a service and the following things should have been checked. If it is simply “used”, or being bought in a private sale, then more care needs to be taken.

The checklist for buying used gas golf carts is similar to buying a used car: water level and signs of leakage; brake cables and pads; battery and cables; wheel bearings; pedal pads; clutch; steering; tires; spark plugs; oil and signs of leakage; air filter; air intake hose; carburetor; engine mounts; belts. Make sure you can test drive before purchasing and, if you are clueless as to what's in the engine, take a more mechanically minded friend along.

A major consideration when on the lookout for used gas golf carts is whether use is restricted in your area. Newer models which run on 4-cycle engines are quieter and cleaner than the older 2-cycle engines, but this may not be enough for your new cart to be allowed where you want to drive it. They are banned in some areas, so do check before you buy.


Wardrobe Essentials: The Golf Shirt

Wardrobe Essentials: The Golf Shirt

When it comes to garments that can be worn for a number of different occasions, nothing can be the golf shirt. Simple in design and very comfortable this versatile shirt shows up in a lot of places that have nothing to do with golfing. Here are some examples of places where this shirt worn for golf is often considered appropriate attire.

As a piece of casual wear, golfing shirts have made their mark. Since they pair up nicely with a pair of jeans, you can find these shirts going just about anywhere that has a casual atmosphere. You can find the shirt hanging out at the park on Saturday afternoons, or taking in a movie at the local theater. Chances are you will see plenty of them at the mall or other shopping centers any day of the week. Ideal for warm weather, this shirt made for golf always has a comfortable yet tailored look, even if the shirt is not tucked into the jeans.

Over the last several years, casual dress has become more acceptable in a couple of situations that used to require a button down shirt and a tie. One such place is the office. Once conservative dress was the unquestionable king of the workplace. These days, there are many businesses that encourage their employees to dress for work with a nice pair of slacks and a solid shade of golfing shirt. The idea is that the look is still put together and professional even while it is casual. The comfort factor means employees can focus their attention on getting the job done rather than worrying about keeping the tie on just so.

Houses of worship are also a place where these types of shirts are acceptable. Many faiths now encourage casual dress. Again, a man would be considered to be appropriately attired in a golfing shirt with a nice looking pair of slacks. If he wants to dress the look up slightly, he can always add a single-breasted blazer. This not only looks nice; it also translates very easily into the afternoon activities following the worship services. You can head out to a luncheon, take in a movie, or hit the sports stadium without a need to change.

Today's dress standards are nowhere near as rigid as they once were. A more casual feel while still looking put together will take a man many more places today. This has allowed the golf shirt to take its place among those garments that are considered essential basics of a man's wardrobe.


How to Choose the Right Calloway Golf Club

How to Choose the Right Calloway Golf Club

The purchase of a Calloway Golf Club may be the best purchase; you have ever made, for your golf game. Let's face it there are cheaper imitations and close competitors but nothing like the champion. To help you make the right decision of your golfing equipment here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Determine what your budget will before anything else. Know how much money you can spend with out bankrupting your self. Golfing equipment can be quite expensive and get out of control quickly. This can contribute to marital and financial problems you had not anticipated.

2. How good of a player are you? Perhaps if you are a novice, that only plays once in a while, then it isn't necessary to buy the most expensive set of sticks that you can find. If you play much more regularly, then it will benefit you to step up to a better class of club. However, if you intend to take your game to a much higher plain then you more than likely should go for the customized clubs.

The following is a brief list, of what you should carry in your bag, to be able to play on any level.

The Woods:

Used for making those longer shots including the tee shot. Normally you would have at least three woods in your bag. The driver in most cases will be the longest club in your bag. When taking the tee shot the # 1 wood is normally selected. Then you will have a # 3 or # 5 woods for shots down the fairway. Typically these clubs are the longest of all the clubs and consequently more difficult to handle.


A great many duffers consider the putter has the most valuable weapon in their arsenal. The putter is used more frequently than any other club. This little jewel has three styles of blades. These styles are known as the mallet, heel and toe. You must be careful and select the right length for yourself. When selecting the Callaway Golf Club you will be guided by the sales staff or club pro in your selection.

Hybrids and Utility Golfing Clubs:

Fortunately for those on a tight budget, for their golfing experience, this is a great way to go. These sticks are designed with a combination of irons and woods. The beginning duffer have a chance to get started playing the game without breaking the bank.

Another great tip for the beginner is not to ignore the used clubs. Many of the pro shops and golfing stores will have great sets of clubs and bags at a huge discount off the original price.

These tips are useful for selecting any clubs, much less the Calloway Golf Clubs.


Purchasing Golf Head Cover Sets

Purchasing Sets

When you spend a lot of money for your golf clubs, it only makes sense that you would want to protect them with quality golf head cover sets. Here are some tips on where you can find cover sets that will protect your investment, but not leave a hole in your wallet.

Your first stop in your search for quality head covers for your gold clubs should be at the local sporting goods store. This is especially true if you purchased your clubs from that store. Most likely, they will have sets in stock that are tailored especially for the brand and type of clubs that you own. The head covers may come in a set or individually, allowing you to mix and match. From a price perspective, they may be a little higher in this environment. But if they are customized for your clubs, you should experience longer wear from the covers as well.

If you do not see anything in the local stores that interest you, then take to the Internet. There are plenty of golfing shops online that carry just about every type of accessory you can imagine. You will find covers that are strictly utilitarian in appearance and function. There are also plenty of head covers with themes, if you want to add a touch of whimsy to your golf equipment. From time to time, you can find online discounts on accessories such as head covers, so this option may be your best bet.

Whatever road you choose in your search for head covers, make sure that anything you purchase has solid stitching, is waterproof, and will provide protection for your clubs in all sorts of weather. With a little investigation and smart shopping, you can find the golf head cover set that is just right for your needs and your sense of style.


3 Golf Swing Drills to Improve Your Putting

After hitting the ball as close to the hole as possible, it is just a matter of putting so you can move on to the next one. While this may sound easy given the short distance, there are still some who have a hard time. To help you out, here are 4 golf swing drills you can try.

The first is the one handed drill. You do this by practice putting ten balls using only your training hand. This drill lets you focus on the palm of your hand as it moves towards the cup.

Next, practice putting using your target hand. The emphasis here is for you to concentrate on your back hand moving towards the cup.

When you do this drill using either hand, be conscious of the toe of your putter in the follow through. Should this turn away from the cup or point toward it, this means you are turning your hand. So you know you are doing it right, the face of the putter should be square to the cup.

Another drill is to practice putting with one eye. Some golfers do this because it stops them from lifting their head prematurely. If you have played this game often, you can even try putting with your eyes closed.

But won’t closing your eyes make it harder for you to see where the ball is going? Yes but research has shown that when you try to putt with your eyes open, there is interference with the brain/muscle control system. By closing your eyes, you are relying more on your hands to guide the ball into the hole. And how will you know if the ball goes in? By simply using your sense of hearing.

To do this, you have to practice first putting first with your eyes open at a range of 10 to 50 feet from the hole. After putting these balls with your eyes open, do the same thing this time with your eyes closed. If the ball goes in the hole, you know that sink the ball with your eyes closed.

Another eyes closed technique involves dropping some balls to the ground and just putting them. The objective here is simply to let you feel how the stroke flows back and forth. Do the same thing also with your eyes open. Now that you know the difference, try to incorporate that when you are putting the balls into the hole.

The last golf swing drill is called the alignment drill. To do this, you lay two clubs on the green about six inches apart and make sure that they are parallel to each other. Now putt the ball to see if your stroke is aligned at impact and steady on the back and forward stroke. Do this several times and if you get tired, take a break and rest for a while before resuming the drill.

Practicing some golf swing putting drills like those mentioned will surely help you improve on your game. Who knows? You might even win when you are playing 18 holes with friends. If you can do that at short distances, the only thing to practice on now is your long game because this is just as important as the short game.


Three Golf Swing Tips

Golf is a popular sport which is why a lot of the tournaments are shown on television. You may not yet play with the likes of Tiger Woods but to be one of the best in the game, it will be helpful to know three golf swing tips.

First, you need a good shoulder turn to be able to hit the ball properly and let it land close to the hole. This is easier said than done because people have the misconception that making the left heel go up too much off the ground will make that work.

In essence, it does make the hip turn which is good but it does not produce any recoil. So what is the lesson here? Simply not to turn too much because recoil can be created not by how back the golfer turns when taking that shot.

Second, you must never let your chin rest against the chest because this will make it difficult to swing the left arm across the upper during the back swing. The correct way to do is it to keep the chin up and allow the left arm to move freely across the chest. This will give you the wide arc that is needed to hit the ball in the in the right direction.

Third, learn to relax because you are not able to think straight when you are pressured. When this happens, you forget tips one and two which disrupts your natural rhythm of hitting the ball the right way.

That is probably hard to do when you are in to winning the game but this is what separates the boys from the men. To get your mind off what is happening, try to block everyone out and picture yourself in your “happy place.”

Remember the movie “Happy Gilmore?” That is exactly what Adam Sandler’s character did in the movie and that helped him win despite the odds.

You might not get all these three tips overnight but if you practice regularly, you will get the hang of things. You have to remember that professional golfers also make mistakes and that they don’t always win each time they are in a tournament.

That should give you a fighting chance because you are an underdog and you have nothing to lose when you participate in the competition. Of course, things change when you have done well throughout the tour and people expect you to do just as good as you did before.

When all else fails, try to remember golf swing tip number 3 because the difference between winning and losing is attitude and that is all in your head. Until you get it right, continue practicing at home, in the golfing range and out there on the green.

Technique and attitude is what the three golf swing tips are all about. How well you perform starts the minute you tee off which is why it is important to make it count so you won’t have a hard time later on when you are only a few yards left from the hole.

If you get lucky, you may even do a “Hole in One” which does not happen very often. That will of course make you move on to the next hole that could be more challenging than the previous one.

It is all about you when you are out there on the green and success can only be achieved by following these golf swing tips.