How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The only way to improve your golf swing is with drills. In fact, there are so many to choose from so you should use your time wisely when you are on the green.

To do that, don’t just hit the ball. Assess your speed and distance control because these are factors that will affect where the ball will go.

Instead of just hitting the ball towards a hole, try working with ball markers because this will help you focus more on the stroke and not just sinking the ball. Since your ball will not always land in the same place, it is best to try putting at various distances.

That is for the short game but for the long game you have to hit the ball from one side of the green to the other. Again, watch your stroke because how well you swing will determine where the ball will land. When you walk over to where the ball landed, work again on your short game this time towards the hole and not a ball marker.

The last part of practice should always be closer to the hole. As much as possible, work on a flat surface and if you are able to sink 5 or 6 of these in a row, you can call it a day.

Aside from the physical aspect to improve your golf swing, attitude plays a significant factor as well. This will be useful before you make the putt and when the ball did not go where you wanted it to. You just have to tell yourself to do it again so you will eventually get it right.

There are also golf swing aids you can get for the hands and arms as well as markers which you can use to help you putt on a line. You can buy this from the sporting goods store but as for the marker, you can get this from the hardware store.

Practicing your golf swing does not end when you leave the golf course. In fact, you can also practice this at home by clearing a certain part of your home. If you want to practice your long game, try going to a driving range.

Improving your golf game is something that professionals strive to do even if they have won several tournaments in the past because this is the only way for them to be on top of their game. If you are just starting out, this just means that you still have a long way to go so you can be just as good as them.

Whenever possible, listen to what the professionals say during interviews or what sports commentators write about them because you can also earn a thing or two to improve your game. You don’t have to follow everything but if you have tried a few, you will realize which one of these really works.

Being a champion or a professional like one of them will not be easy and this will not happen overnight but with patience and perseverance, there is a chance that your golf swing will become better in the long run so you can be just as good as them. Something that we hope of becoming even if we are not competing in a tour just like the professionals.


Golf Shoes and the Game

Golf Shoes and the Game

Golf shoes can make or break the golfer's game. Therefore, it is vitally important that anyone, who plays the game, should be extremely careful when selecting footwear. By taking care in your selection, you will maximize your personal comfort and benefit your game. The first thing you must realize is that shoes designed for a special purpose, (such as golfing) may not fit your feet the same way as regular shoes.

You may not realize it but the dimensions of your foot can and will change over a period of time. The primary reasons for this may be gain or loss of bone density, weight gain or loss and skeletal shrinking, caused by age and osteoporosis. In addition, to the above factors, just plain old wear and tear on the feet, may cause the arches to fall and swelling of the feet by arthritis. These reasons are why it is so vital to have your foot measured for width and length, each time you buy golfing footwear or any footwear for that matter.

The question now comes up; "How do I ensure a good fit?"

Believe it or not, the first thing you should consider is the place where you are going to buy the footwear. It is not a good idea to too buy from the major discount stores. You will find that many of these discount stores may carry golfing footwear that may be cheap, but will be inferior in fit and design.

Arguably, the best place to purchase golfing footwear is the pro shop or a shop that specliazes in golfing equipment. One thing you must take into consideration is that when buying at the pro shop, the price you pay for the footwear will generally be higher than anywhere else. However, the selections will normally be of a very high quality. Also the pro shop and specialty stores will place a heavy discount on styles that have gone out of style or discontinued by the manufacture.

Yes, you should be aware of the price, but it should not be your only consideration for purchasing the footwear. Always keep in mind that your footwear will make or break your game. The fit and comfort of golf shoes should be the ultimate determing factor when making the purchase.


Achieving the Golf Swing of Pro Golfers

Developing the perfect golf swing takes time and tons of practice. It also pays to take note of how pro golfers execute their winning swings. By taking note of the following tips and taking time to work them out, you will surely be enjoying tournament successes in no time.

1. Ask any pro golfer, and he or she will tell you that the power it takes to get that ball flying does not come from the arms alone. Use your entire body to achieve maximum power. If you are used to fuelling the golf club with your arms, wrist and hands, then you might struggle at first trying to employ the rest of your body. Practice hitting the ball with using your torso and legs. Once you get the hang of swinging the club with your entire body, you will notice that you are sending that ball flying with more consistency and accuracy.

2. Swivel your shoulders perfectly each time you do a backswing. Your right forearm should be parallel to your spine and your left wrist is flat. To ensure you are doing it the right way, your elbows and arms should form a triangle. Make sure you got this effective position pat at the top of your swing – you are guaranteed a perfectly solid hit, and a more accurate one.

3. Many amateurs fail at making a solid hit because of two reasons. First, the right way of pivoting the wrist is done too late during the backswing because the takeaway is likely to be too low to the ground. Second, achieving a bad posture by swinging the club too far during the backswing, thinking this is the right way to gain power. However, taking note of a few things will help eradicate these flaws. Make sure a 45-degree angle exists between your left arm and the shaft of the club at setup. Your hands should remain as close to the ground as possible during the takeaway, while moving the head of the club upwards rapidly. Notice how your left arm is parallel to the ground and the shaft is perpendicular to it? This is about enough to prevent you from swinging your arms too far at the backswing; thus, putting off bad posture and reverse pivot.

4. Golf is an outdoor game, so it’s best of you are able to practice chipping outdoors. However, one is tempted to hit chips indoors from time to time. You can perfect your chipping with the help of a wooden rod or a busted club shaft. Get the hang of your chipping technique – just make sure that your left wrist remains solid as the club passes through the area of impact. The rod or shaft you are using will hit your left side should your left wrist give way during the impact. Practice is the key to mastering your chipping.

5. From time to time, even pro golfers get caught red handed losing flex in their back legs as they try for distance. Inconsistent swings constantly take the success out of any game of golf. It’s best if you can view your posture in a full-length mirror when you practice your swings from time to time. Start with the setup position, hold it then look at the mirror. Do the backswing, hold it and observe your posture. This will help you determine your postural flaws during your golf swing.


Choosing Golf Bags That Are Right for You

Choosing Golf Bags That Are Right for You

Playing the big courses can cause you some discomfort if you don’t have a good golf bag. While the golf bag is not essential to your playing ability or to how you score it is essential to your comfort. The golf bag will most likely be carrying not only your clubs but, the golf balls, tees, bandages, spare gloves, towels, markers and even a possible umbrella and any other golf accessories like hand drying lotion.

But how do you know what type of bag you will need? Part of that depends on what you expect to do in your travel on the course. Will you use a golf cart? Will you have caddie? Will you carry the bag? What are you planning to carry in the way of equipment?

Unless you want to do it like the pros and also have a caddy then you might just want to utilize a carry bag or a travel bag. This small bag holds the essentials if you want to carry your own items or have a junior player in mind for the bag. These bags are definitely smaller than most golfing bags but they do come in a variety of styles and sizes. The material used for these convenient bags are made of light weight materials and often come with features such as straps for easier carrying. Some of the bags have stands which hold the bag and the benefit is the clubs are manipulated more easily in and out of the bag.

If on the other hand, you want to use a cart then there is the obvious choice of a cart bag. As the name implies this is for on the golf cart. They can be compared to another type of bag called the staff bag like the pro golf players with caddies use. They carry everything in those bags. But there is a big difference in the bag made for being hauled by a cart. And that is, even though they are smaller than a staff bag they are quite awkward...as in bulky. They can be quite unmanageable. They don’t have as much storage space as other bags either.

The assumption is probably that some items can be managed on the cart instead of in the golf bag. Nonetheless it carries less than the pro style tour bag that is carried by a caddy.

Deciding on what your playing style is and what golf accessories you want with you at all times will help you determine what type of bag you want for your clubs. As well as how many bags and any additional equipment. Consider the different courses you plan on playing and how you will traverse the course. What will you need and will you have help. Think seriously about this before you choose from the available golf bags.


Golf Swing Tips

There is no argument that golf is very popular. It may not be one of the events in the Olympics but whenever there is a tournament, you can expect to see a lot of people watch both in the course and on television. You can be just as good as the pros someday if you follow these golf swing tips.

When you play golf, don’t just hit the ball as hard as you can and hope that it will make the ball land near the hole. Unlike cards, this is not chance but proper technique is involved to make it happen.

This may not happen every time because there are things beyond your control like the wind and any obstruction that lay within the path but you can just imagine how well you can do if the conditions are just perfect.

The first tip to do well when you make a golf swing is to learn how to control your body. In this game, how you raise your arm to the time that you let your club hit the ball is important. It is not only about strength that makes the ball travel far but the recoil effect.

So how do you achieve this recoil effect? This is done by not turning your body too much when you start from your right to the left. There are various aids to help you out here like working with a heavier club, getting someone to watch you, practicing in front of the mirror and recording how you swing with a video camera and playing it back.

When you turn from one side to the other, keep your hands relaxed the entire time. If you are unable to do that, you put a strain on your muscle making it hard for you to achieve the shot you desire.

To make this work, remember that the arms are an extension of something bigger because the power does not come from here but from your abs and hips which happen to be two are the largest muscles in the body.

Make it a point to always hit the ball right in the center. That way, you are able to divert it to the direction you want it to go. So you know where the ball is going, keep your eye on this until you send it flying through the air.

Aside from working on the upper body, don’t forget to work on your footing. For that to happen, make sure both feet are flat on the ground so you are able to transfer the weight from the right side until it passes a little over your left shoulder.

The golf swing tips mentioned are not hard to do. It just takes a little bit of practice so that you are able to maintain consistency each time it is your turn to putt on the green.

Just remember that when you make the first putt, you must have a relaxed grip on the club with your feet flat on the ground so you are able to swing from the right to the left with a good back swing and follow through.

From there, your ball will land within yards of the hole making it easy for you to put it in and move on to the next hole. This would take more time than anticipated if you did not make some adjustments in your golf swing.


The Making of a Bad Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing is the most important thing for a golfer of any handicap and experience. Greenhorns and veterans of the game strive to make their golf swings a little better than last weekend's 18 holes. There are a lot of instructional videos and booklets that are available to improve a golfer's swing but none of them will work if you fail to understand some of the basic concepts of what makes a golf swing bad.

The Set-up

The key element of a bad golf swing is sometimes not the golf swing itself but the most of the time it is the golfer's set-up. The set-up may pertain to different things like the golfer's clubs, his accessories, the clothes and etcetera. Some golfers think that a good set-up can make up for the lousy swing.

One of the most crucial mistakes that a golfer can make is underestimating the time spent on the set-up than the game. Some even think that they can have all the names in golf with them and just whack the ball silly. It may have worked for Happy Gilmore but it sure won't work for Average Joe and his lousy swing because Happy Gilmore is in a movie and Average Joe is not.

One of the most important things that you should remember is that the set-up should not pertain to the clothes you wear and the clubs you carry, but it should mean the preparation for your swing.

Bad Posture can kill your game

If you are one of those golfers that overlook their posture, you should think of considering a new sport because golf is not for you. It is important in golf that you know when your posture is bad. The key element of a good swing is the proper alignment of your neck and head. The straight line that is formed by your head and neck will dictate the force of the drive that you can deliver to the ball and flight. Once you are hunched over the ball it will move to either sides or fall short of the green no matter how hard you hit it.

Another important factor is balance. You should have good balance to deliver a good amount of forward thrust to your swing. And unbalanced footing usually hinders a golfer from delivering the full impact of the clubhead motion to the ball. This is because of the uneasiness that the golfer feels about his stance. Delivering a solid blow usually means your footing should be sure. Posture and balance problems can easily be corrected with practice and good habits. Once your muscle memory is comfortable with the position you want to achieve you will have no problem at all.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are good especially after a good game of golf. But when you bring your chicken wings to the game, things will definitely turn out for the worse. It is better that you leave your chicken wings in a basket at home where they can be the perfect in game munchies.

When we say a chicken wing this means a bad habit a golfer may be doing when taking a swing. When putting or in a putting game, letting your arm and wrist go limp is what you call a chicken wing. What happens after this is that the golfer's arm goes flying up in the air losing all the power to your swing.

Golfers who tend to take their swings lightly usually commit chicken wings. When you lose the power of your swing it usually ends up chopping or slicing your golf swing.


Planning Your Next Golf Vacation

Planning Your Next Golf Vacation

For the golf enthusiast, nothing is quite as refreshing as going on a golf vacation. There is the chance to put work and other concerns to the side and focus on doing something that one enjoys. Of course, there are several different ways to plan a vacation that is built around the theme of golf. Here are a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider as you plan out your holiday.

If you are interested in finding a single spot to set up camp for the duration of your vacation, then you may want to check into resorts that cater to golf enthusiasts. These types of resorts will usually have excellent courses that you can play, as well as a professional trainer that can help you with your game. You get to play on your own schedule, as much or as little each day as you prefer. The pace for your vacation will be laid back and easy. Many find this to be the ideal combination of resting and enjoying a favored sport.

For those who are looking for more action, you can take to a rolling vacation that allows you to play one of the golf trails that takes you to different courses around the country. Here you have the thrill of being able to play on some of the best golf courses in the nation, often playing on courses that have accommodated some of your sport heroes in the past. The structure of this type of vacation does mean you will travel around more, and certainly have a set schedule to follow. But it you enjoy moving about and are interested in playing multiple course, this is the vacation solution for you.

The whole point of going on a holiday is to enjoy doing something that you want to do. By understanding what you want to get out of your time away from work and other responsibilities, you can make arrangements for the type of golf vacation that will be both fun and refreshing.


Why bother with a Golf Cart Cover?

Why bother with a Golf Cart Cover?

If you look around most country clubs you will see that just about every golf cart not in use has a golf cart cover. There are actually some very good reasons for this. Here are a few reasons why the covers are considered to be important.

One of the first things to consider about the covers for golf carts is that they keep the golf carts comfortable for the golfers. The very nature of the golf cart is that it is open. A golf cart that spends a good bit of the day in the sun before it is pressed into usage will have very hot seats and a hot steering wheel. The covers shield the interior of the cart form the warming effects of the sun when the cart is not in use. This means the cart will be perfectly comfortable for sitting and driving when it is called into duty.

Covers on golf carts also help to protect the units when bad weather comes up suddenly. Any type of conveyance is subject to developing problems if not protected from the elements. The sue of covers on carts when they are not in use helps to cut down on the incidence of repairs that have to be made due to extremes in cold or rain. This includes cosmetic repairs as well as mechanical repairs. The maintenance aspect of the use of covers for the carts helps to lengthen the life of the golf cart, which is certainly in the best interests of the club or course that owns the carts.

Protecting an investment in equipment as well as ensuring the comfort of the guests are both important reasons to consider the use of covers with each and every golf cart found at any course or club. Keep in mind that longer life means lower overall costs to the patrons of the establishment. From that perspective you can also say that the golf cart cover is helping to keep your costs for enjoying your favorite sport within reason as well.


A Golf Holiday Can Be Therapeutic As Well As Fun

A Golf Holiday Can Be Therapeutic As Well As Fun

A golf holiday should be used for the opportunity to get away from the stress of your life and work day. In other words it should relax and refresh you after spending the weekend or trip golfing.

Think about this for a moment. Most golfing days you are going to be outside in the sun and fresh air. You are going to be in the good company of your family and friends, while getting some exercise that will benefit your body’s health. Just the walking alone will be a great stress reliever.

If all the members of your family don't play the game, most of the private clubs and some public courses have other activities to engage every member of the family. In today’s modern clubs you will find a first class swimming pool, a spa, electronic game room with computers, weight lifting room and many other enjoyments for all.

Think of the quality time you could spend with your children teaching them the fundamental of a great sport. You may discover that you have the next great 'Tiger Woods' in your family. The children will benefit both physically and mentally by the exercise while being outdoors.

A great thing about a golf holiday is that it does not have to be expensive. Simply take the time to check the golfing packages with you local travel agent. Often times they can find a club that will have special discount when the whole family is involved. These packages can include everything from discounted airfare, accommodations, theme park discounts and discount booklets for great shopping and eating. Let's face it, if you have daughters, nothing will please them more to be on a shopping trip with their Mom and friends.

A well planned trip will be the primary catalyst to keeping the trip stress free. To gain the maximum benefit, the golfer and his or her family, should plan these excursions well in

advance of the scheduled date for departure. The golf holiday will allow you to return home relaxed, rested and ready to face the challenges of your daily life.


The History of Calloway Golf Products

The History of Calloway Golf Products

The company that makes Calloway golf products has an interesting history. Begun as one man’s dream in 1982, it was the inspiration of Ely Callaway; a man who at that time was running a vineyard. He had seen some golf clubs and liked the way they were made so much that he decided to invest heavily into the company manufacturing them. The company was moved to the west coast, the name changed to reflect the largest owner and new CEO. Calloway struggled at first until they hired a designer to improve on the way the clubs were made. They used innovative technology and began making their clubs with machines which were designed specifically to make sure the quality of the heads of the putters was constantly well made. This was a revolutionary approach and it was the beginning of the success of the brand. By the early 1990s this company had become the leading manufacturer of golf clubs.

In the early 2000s the company expanded again. This time is was by adding many new products lines beginning with better designed golf balls and golf clothes. This company holds over one hundred patents on new and improved golf equipment. Another way that the company improved their product line was by having professional golfers on staff. In this way they were able to test their golf equipment with people that really knew the game; people who had played it a lifetime, committing themselves completely to the game. Those staff members knew if what the company was working on was a good idea for golf, or merely for making money. It seemed that the company was able to combine the two; not losing sight of either advantage.

They not only have a line of women’s golf equipment to compliment their men’s line but they carry a line of golf clothing for both genders, clubs, ball, bags for adults and children as well as better sunglasses for wearing when playing golf. The Calloway golf products company also has a quarterly magazine for golfers who want to learn a little more about this most popular sport.


Preparing for Your First Golf Lesson

Preparing for Your First Golf Lesson

Once you have decided that a golf lesson is in order for you, there are several things you should do in order to properly prepare for your first one. Here are a few suggestions that will help you with the preparation, and hopefully create an environment where you get the most from those lessons.

One of the first things to address is the type of clothing you will wear. Forget the stereotypical clashing prints and patterns that you see on television shows. What you are going for is clothing that will allow your body to move freely. Avoid wearing anything that is so tight that it restricts your movement. At the same time, don't wear baggy clothing. Oversized pieces have a tendency to bunch and inhibit your movement at just the wrong time. Go with clothing that fits but will move with your body rather than restrict or interfere with the movement in any way.

Next, your instructor will most likely have a list of exercise or practice swings he or she will want to go through with you during that first lesson. Generally, you will receive a document with instructions on the basics of proper stance, swing and other matter related to the game. Go ahead and practice those in advance. Your instructor will then be able to help you make any minor corrections to form and swing that may be required, and then be able to move on to more intricate matters of instruction.

Above all, make up your mind that you are going to listen to your instructor carefully and do your best to follow through on how you are taught. For now, put aside what friends and relatives have told you to do. The point of taking lessons for golf is to learn the proper way to handle the basics of the game. Once you master those, then you can begin to experiment a little with input from loved ones.

Playing golf is meant to be a means of having some fun and achieving some relaxation as well. By keeping these three simple suggestions in mind, you will be sure to get the most out of your golf lesson, and hopefully be on your way to enjoying the sport for the rest of your life.


Practice Makes Perfect after Working on Some Golf Swing Drills

You don’t become a great player overnight. This is because it takes to learn to learn the ins and outs of a sport and in the game of golf you don’t just hit the ball as far as you can so it can reach the hole. This is achieved by first working on some golf swing drills.

But why are golf swing drills important? This is because from the moment you raise the club in the air until the moment it goes down, proper technique will ensure that the ball will travel and land close to the hole as possible.

In golf, you start the game by teeing the ball. If you are new to the game, you probably hit the ball or sliced through it. The end result is that the ball will not travel as far as you want.

So you can improve your golf swing, you must first check on your grip because this controls the club face. You should make sure that you are forming the letter “V” with your thumb and forefinger on each hand and that these are pointed towards the trailing side shoulder.

Don’t forget to relax because holding the club too tight with your hands will make it hard to get a good shot.

If you are practicing this drill, ask someone to watch if you are doing this correctly. If there is no one around, try to watch yourself in front of the mirror or record it using a video camera then play it back.

The important thing to watch out for when you practice this drill is your follow through. Some people start strong but then shift positions later on. The proper way of doing it is to make sure the toe of the club points up and the trailing side is released over your lead hand.

It is also possible that you are not maximizing your golf swing if you are not in the right position when you take the shot. To do this correctly, imagine that you and the ball are inside a small square. Better yet, put some masking tape on the floor and then practice swinging.

If this is not the problem for your shots, check on your divots. If the angle is to shallow, you should practice hitting the ball on a side hill below the feet. Should this angle be too deep, do the exact opposite. Hit the ball on a side hill above the feet.

Some golfers have a problem with their flat swing. If you are one of them, do some swings with your back 6 inches away from a wall. If you don’t butt or your back does not come into contact with the wall, then you are doing this correctly.

In golf, the winner is determined by whoever has the least number of strokes after completing 18 holes. The golf swing drills mentioned are very simple so you don’t have to buy anything to improve your game. You just have to make some adjustments to your form with the help of coach, a mirror or a camera. If you are able to make the necessary improvements, there is no doubt that you will perform much better in your next golf game.


Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

Golf instruction will make the golfer improve his game. It is available in many different forms. Lessons and sources of information abound that can help you better your game. You can learn tips and imitate the moves of your golf idols by knowing where to get the lessons that you need.

Sources of knowledge for the improvement of your golf games can be found almost anywhere. The internet is one of the best sources of this knowledge. You can also purchase books, videos, magazines or enroll at golf instruction schools to polish your skills and help you play like a pro.

It helps to know the basics of golfing. Learn to analyze the wind and play with it. But first, you must possess the right club for downhill and uphill shots. You must also know how to read the greens in order to plan your swing and adjust for breaks.

Weather conditions have a big impact on the attitude of the ball. A golf player must be aware of these scenarios and know what distances he has to maintain from the tee.

You have to know the secrets on how to hit a ball longer. There is a science and a new technology to enable you to do this.

You have to develop your own shot pattern and improve it to acquire lower scores. These things are only among the basics that a golfer must learn. They can all be acquired from a good source of information. That is the golfer’s first job. To know where to best acquire the knowledge that you need. It helps to find the right place to acquire this knowledge. So you have to scout around for the best source before you dig into your pocket for the payment. But there are also places where you can acquire the golf instruction you need for free.